3 In 1 Fast Wireless Charger For iPhone, Apple Watch & Airpods

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So you got a lot of devices...

But that also means you have a lot of cables to connect!

Now what if there was a way that you could charge everything WITHOUT the Constant hassles of plugging in each device Tangled up cables and cluttered power stations Waiting for hours just to get a full charge for each device?

Your answer is right here.

"3 In 1 Fast Wireless Charger" is the complete all-in-one solution that will charge your Android or Apple smartphone, smartwatch, and earbuds without the hassles of wired cables!


  • Charges 3 of your devices at the same time (up to 4x faster*)
  • Saves the hassle of connecting multiple cables
  • Apple & Android compatible


Charges up to 4X Faster*

"3 In 1 Fast Wireless Charger" is powered by the latest Quick Charge 3.0 technology that is proven to charge all of your compatible devices up to 4x faster* than your average wired cables.

That means less time waiting around for a full charge, and more time using your devices when you want

Takes just 35 minutes to get 80% of battery!*

Supports your devices.

"3 In 1 Fast Wireless Charger" is compatible with all Qi-enabled Apple & Android smart devices. 

Whether you've got an iPhone, Samsung, Airpods, or a Galaxy Watch, this charger stand will work for you
3-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock for Android and Apple

Unlimited possibilities.

"3-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock" can charge through most conventional plastic phone cases, and can even charge your smartphone on multiple platforms! 
  • Phone case friendly
  • Multi-platform charging
  • Horizontal and vertical support

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you have any issues regarding your order of the "3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station", please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 help desk here. We make it our utmost priority to ensure customers like you are 100% satisfied with their order and will provide a full refund or free replacement within 14 days of delivery.