Portable Aromatherapy Car Air Freshener

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  • Releases a natural scent that you might feel like driving in nature
  • Removes odor; can last for 180 days
  • Stylish design; can be clipped on your handbags
  • Material: ABS / Suitable to all types of cars
  • Size: 50 X 70mm

Our cars are like our babies that need to be taken care of. We need to maintain every part of it and makes sure that it is in excellent condition. One of those things that we do to our cars is to make it smells good. Having a lousy smelled-car can cause dizziness to people who are riding. It makes them uncomfortable while traveling when they feel horrible odor inside. You need to install something fragrant for you to have a nice smelling car. This Car Perfume Air Freshener keeps your vehicle smell good by just introducing this air freshener in the sun visor of your vehicle. It will release a natural fragrance that will last long.

Long Lasting Smell

Your car’s smell is essential while traveling. It helps boosts the mood of the person inside the vehicle. Bad odor can make them feel dizzy, and that is not good especially to the person who is driving. You should install an air freshener to remove the bad odor inside your car. This car perfume gives a natural scent that feels like you are driving in nature. It uses an eco-friendly, healthy plant material that provides a natural fragrance that helps you boosts your mood. It is a great tool to remove the bad odor stuck in your vehicle. There is no alcohol content, and the smell can last up to 180 days.

Stylish Design

Unlike other car fresheners that have a huge built, this tool has a small triangle-shaped structure that is portable and compact design. It has an elegant build that you can use as decoration to your bags. Ideally, you should clip this on the sun visor of your car. With this small build, it will not block your line of sight while driving when you install this on your car’s screen.